Saturday, May 8, 2010

Arsenal vs Fulham: Last Throw of the Dice

And so it is that by the unmerciful hands of both fate and our own undoing, the Gunners find themselves scrapping for a third spot that really should have been all but wrapped up three weeks ago. Not the end to the season that we would have hoped for, but hey, we’re here now and there’s very little we can do but look forward.

This is a game for pride on so many levels; to demonstrate that we’re still a good team, give the fans something to be proud of, and, of course, ensure that all important final blow that keeps us afloat above the Spurs.
To be brutally frank, the majority of our players have been totally spineless in recent weeks. We’ve thrown away a two-nil lead against Wigan and lost, been battered and bullied by Blackburn’s ogres like a bunch of fucking cowards, and ultimately shown a total lack of grit in almost every department.

All we as the fans can ask for in this game is that please...PLEASE could the players pick their cojones up off the ground and play like men. Give the semblance that you want to be here at least. Vela, whose had such little time on the pitch all season, jogged around like he didn’t give two sh*ts last game; spurning chances and generally giving nothing. I wouldn’t be surprised if that was his last game in an Arsenal shirt. I used him as an example but really, so many of the guys have played with their heads totally down over the last month. Show a bit of pride and some appreciation for the fans; give it your all is what we ask, because at the moment, it’s not just that you’re playing poorly, it’s that you boys really don’t seem to care.

The idea that Fulham have nothing to play for in this game is being tossed around, but I don’t really agree. Certainly, they have their eyes on their upcoming Europa final, but there are a lot of guys in this team who will be hoping that a good performance might book them a spot in that squad. We would be unwise to think this is going to be a cake-walk, especially considering recent form.

Arsene, give Eduardo a chance. Again, he’s another guy who may be playing his last match, so give him a chance to get a good send off from the fans. His is a sad story; a chance at Arsenal destroyed by injuries. I’d like to see has give this 4-5-1 the boot for this last game and really go at them; give the fans something to feel proud of.
In terms of injuries, Arshavin is available to start and Clichy is a possibility. Everybody else, including Almunia, is still a casualty.

Most likely, I would think this will be the squad/formation:
-----van Persie--------------------------Arshavin

Personally, I'd like to see a more attacking line-up, with Eboue at right-back, Diaby defensive midfield and maybe Rosicky on the right. But I doubt it will happen; especially when Sagna has been a consistant part of the team all season and deserves a send off. Maybe Nasri will play on the left and Eboue right. We'll wait and see.

If I had to stick my neck out I'd say 2-0 to the Gunners, but I hope its a thrashing! Just a win will do though, and a show of effort in appreciation of the fans who have given a lot of support this season. there have been times when I have been unbelievably proud this season, especially with performances and determination of players like Fabregas and Vermaelen, and Campbell too. We need this win, badly. We need to end on a high note; anything less will be a deep, deep low to end the season in. Come on you Gunners.


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