Monday, June 28, 2010

Have A Look At What Might Be Our Fugly New Home Kit

by Rachid

Annoyed, disappointed, underwhelmed. Just a few words that come to mind when I look at this ugly new kit that's supposedly ours as of tomorrow that I found on EPL Talk. God I hate it! The sleeves have such an ugly trim and the design on the torso is so bland and boring. Why did we take this long to release this kit? The design (or lack there of) of it looks like a template at best. I think the bold trim on the sleeves also makes it look a bit too feminine for a bunch of men to be wearing. Here are a couple more shots of it, if your eyes can bear the pain.

It's not confirmed that these are authentic but they definitely don't look photoshopped to me. Anyway, leave a comment and let me know if you find it as horrid as I do.

Until next time, dust.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Back To Merseyside On Opening Day!

 by Rachid

Arsene Wenger may not know what manager he'll be facing on the opening day yet but he does now know that he'll be making a trip to Anfield to play Liverpool. This is because the fixture list for the Barclays Premiership has come out earlier today.

We traveled to Liverpool last season but to take on Everton, rather than Liverpool FC. We won the game 6-1 and there's not a Gooner in the world who'd want to see this result repeated as much as I do. If there's one team in the world I really fucking's Liverpool...or Cesspool as I refer to them.

We've done the double over them last season and I'd love for us to do it to them again. How perfect would it be to get our season off to a flying start than to beat them? Not only would it be perfect for our season but it would also be perfect seeing them start their new campaign, under a new manager on a sour note.

I just hope we get our team straightened out with all the necessary signings in by that time.

Some other notable fixtures from the opening weekend are:
  • Aston Villa v West Ham
  • Chelsea v West Brom
  • Manchester United v Newcastle
  • Tottenham v Manchester City
For a list of all the teams' fixtures for the entire season, click here.

Later, Gooners.

More Thoughts On The New Kit

by Rachid

If you read the last post on this blog you'd have seen me saying I love our new away kit because of the design and the colour of it. My views have since changed. When you look at a picture of the kit at first glance you'd think it has pinstripes. This was one of the main reasons I loved this shirt when I first saw it. It made it look unique and also modern. I'm tired of seeing Arsenal trying to rehash old jerseys and it annoys me to hear the stupid, old, fuddy duddy geezer fans who can't let go of the past raving about how cool these designs are. This is 2010, not 1971. I want to see a kit that fits our era. Not some outdated shirt that looks like it should be worn with a Beatles styled mop top.

Unfortunately though, I saw a video yesterday with the players wearing the kit and it seems that what I thought were pinstripes were actually stitches in the shirt. Also, the long sleeved version looks even worse. It looks so old and outdated, as if it was made 60 years ago. When you have a look at it as it in the video it actually looks a lot like the white away kit we wore 2 years ago except, it's of course, yellow. Here's the video so you can see for yourself:

Now that you've seen it in a real life shot, what are your thoughts on it? Have your views changed, like mine? Have your say in the comments section below.


Monday, June 14, 2010

A Glimpse At Our New Away Kit

by Rachid

Well here it is. This is supposedly our new away kit for next season. I have to say I am really loving this. The choice of yellow and red currant looks classy and it's made even better by the trim around the sleeves and the pin stripes. I'm a big fan of this kit and I'll be getting one as soon as I can. Will you? Give me your thoughts on it in the comments section.

Check back tomorrow for a look at the new home kit. Until then, dust!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Theo Made His Bed, Now He Must Lie In It.

by Rachid

Hi there. I'll start with a quote from Arsene Wenger from last November:
For me, the big season is with Arsenal, not at the World Cup. We do not pay players to go to the World Cup, we pay the players to do well for Arsenal. The first pride of a man is to do well for the guy who pays you in life, not to go to the World Cup.
This was obviously because Theo Walcott was constantly talking to the press about his chances of making Fabio Capello's England squad for the 2010 World Cup. If you read my post season review of the players a couple weeks ago you would've seen where I commented that Walcott spent too much time talking to the press this season about his World Cup chances and it affected his performance negatively.

Well surprise surprise. Capello cut his list from 30 down to 23 and guess who didn't make it. That's right. Theo Walcott missed out and I can't say I'm surprised either. I rated him at 6/10 for his performance this season and it was due to how inconsistent he was. I'm sure that must've been Capello's reason for not including him in his squad and he had no one to blame but himself.

Of his omission from the England squad, Walcott had this to say:
I am very disappointed not to be included in the squad going out to South Africa, but completely respect Mr Capello's decision. I would like to wish the team the best of luck and hope they have a really successful tournament.
Clearly Arsene Wenger was right with what he said last November. Theo had spent all of the Arsenal season worrying about whether he'd be going to the World Cup and as a result his performance suffered because he didn't go into the games he played with the required concentration level. It goes to show how that players in the team still lack a certain level of maturity. What I mean is, had he been mature enough to focus on the matter he had in front of him - helping Arsenal in the title chase, his performances would've been better and him making the final 23 in the England squad would've been axiomatic.

There are positives to take from this though. It's no secret Walcott suffers from injuries. At least him not going off to South Africa means he won't run the risk of getting injured over the summer in an international game. It means he can have a proper rest and focus on making better showings for Arsenal next season. He can take some time out and think about this and use it as a learning curve. He can use it to motivate him to push harder to be a mainstay in the England squad. This would be by putting his focus on his club, the people who give him his pay cheque. As I said above, top notch performances for Arsenal equate to international selection. It's that simple.

Of the 6 wingers in the club, Walcott joins a list of 4 who won't be making travel arrangements for South Africa. The others being Samir Nasri who, like Walcott, wasn't selected, Tomas Rosicky and Andrey Arshavin. Their respective teams the Czech Republic and Russia failed to qualify for the World Cup.

I'll leave you with a video to enjoy before you comment on this post and go click "follow" over to the right of the page.

Until next time, dust!