Sunday, July 18, 2010

The Great Big Cesc Scandal

So after two whole months of publicly tapping up Cesc Fabregas, those pricks at Barcelona have finally faced up to the fact that they can't afford him decided that they'd prefer to make a serious bid for him next season. Their new president Sandro Rosell claims:
Arsenal feels very hurt by Barca. They don't want to listen to offers or sell and they are not putting the player on the market. There was a strong dispute a few months ago and they have not forgotten it.
He will arrive, even if it is not now, it will be next year. We will see. One thing that is certain is that we will not go mad trying to sign him.
No shareholder would pay €60 or €70 million for him. We will not go all out for him. We would only pay his value in the transfer market.
You know what, Sandro...

First of all, no Arsenal fan feels "hurt" by this. I think the best words to describe how this whole affair has made us feel is "fucked off". Hurt suggests that their actions weren't necessarily disrespectful to our club but we are the ones who took it the wrong way. Even in their attempt to try to look amicable they can't help being disparaging. And we should do business with them?

Obviously after the way they tried to bully us into selling our player and also with the way they publicly tapped him up as well, we would strengthen our resolve not to sell him. What the hell would you expect?! We're in a situation where we don't need the money and they don't even have that much money to begin with. Who has the upper hand then? They're the ones trying to buy him and then want to call the shots. That's absolutely ridiculous. Of course we'd tell them where to shove that £40M they tried to offer us.

He claims they're going to be back for him next year and who knows, maybe they will get him depending on how our season goes and if Cesc either feels frustrated that he can't win cups with Arsenal or if we've won the Premiership and perhaps the Champions League and he feels he's done all he can at the club and it's time to move on. I'm sure when the time comes for him to go we'll be able to adequately replace him. My only concern is that Barcelona will be back with their dirty attitude next season and we're gonna be forced to go through this whole debacle again because they'll want to try to force us to accept a fee much less than Cesc's worth.

Some more quotes coming out of that article have highlighted Cesc saying he wants to go back to Barca. Hold on now, before you get your Fruit of the Looms in a knot you should read what it says:
I have not spoken to anybody in the last few days and I want to ignore anything regarding my future for now. I want to enjoy my holidays and I don't want to talk about Barcelona at this moment.
I make no apologies for the comments I have made in the past. I have expressed my interest in returning and I stand by that, as that is my personal wish.
This is nothing that should come as a surprise to anyone. Cesc had made it no secret that he intends to return to Barca someday. With that said, there are some who are treating this as though he just came up out of the blue with these statements. He never said anything about definitely wanting to go back this season. He wants to return to play there to honour his grandfather. He wants to do it when he feels he's given all he can to us. That might still be a few years from now. What's wrong with that? His granddad took him to Barca games from the moment he started walking. He's already spent six seasons with us and the day's gonna come when he'd like a new challenge. It just so happens that he's eying a challenge back where he started and to do something for his grandfather before his time comes. There's nothing ungrateful about what he said. What's ungrateful is how fans are now turning on him. Cesc has never ever uttered a bad word about or been disrespectful to Arsenal FC or its fans yet he's somehow gone from hero to zero with some of our stupid impulsive fans.

Arsenal fans are so fickle that it's downright annoying. One minute they're praising you, naming babies after you, worshiping the ground you walk on, then the next they're badmouthing you, calling you all manners of evil and building a cross for your crucifixion.

During the season when he was scoring week in, week out he could do absolutely no wrong. As far as Arsenal fans were concerned he was the second coming of Christ. lately things have taken a 180 degree turn in terms of fan opinion of the Spaniard. With all that's happened for him this summer he should feel as though he's on top of the world and so should his fans but if he was to take all the vitriol being directed at him to heart how could he be?

Some of the things being said about him have just been absolutely appalling. I've even seen a few idiots calling for him to be stripped of the captaincy. The captaincy?! Are they serious? If Cesc was more of a captain last season, he would've bled from the ears. This is all because of that one very ambiguous video which surfaced a few days ago where people claim Pique (purposefully) spat at some old guy and Fabregas

Remember in the Barca match at home last season how Cesc slapped that penalty WITH A BROKEN LEG to keep us in the tie with a chance at the Nou Camp? He wasn't much of a captain then?

Or how about at Stoke in February when Ramsey had his leg twisted into a pretzel by that wet fart Ryan Shawcross? Who was it that shouted at each and every player on the pitch, whom I might add were very visibly shaken by the horrific injury, to not lose focus and rallied the team from scraping a 1-1 draw to win the match 3-1...scoring a goal himself? Isn't that the mark of a true captain?

Who ran the length of the Spurs half in the North London Derby at home last season to score a very iconic individual goal against our most hated rivals?

Remember when Cesc forced himself to be fit enough to make the bench for the Villa game and get on the pitch and score two goals when the game looked like it was headed for a scoreless stalemate? You're telling me that's not the mark of a true leader - knowing that he'd put his body on the line like that for the sake of the club's title chase and for the sake of the fans? How many players in the modern game would do that? Adebayor? Robinho? Berbatov?

Wasn't Cesc the skipper who captained our team to a close title race this season? Wasn't he the one who captained the team while playing through injury with a broken leg?

Who dedicated his World Cup win to Arsenal Football Club and its fans? Anyone who claims Cesc shouldn't be the Arsenal captain is just downright ungrateful.

What these people don't realise is that this is exactly the trickery Barcelona planned to get their grubby hands on Fabregas. All these incidents happening in the media that are turning the fans on Cesc will just prove to be a push factor to take him back to Barcelona. This is exactly what they want! Don't fall for it!

Anyway that's enough blogging for now. Leave your comments in the comments section and let me know what you think. Dust!

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  1. well said my friend...barca needs to know when to F**k off