Thursday, July 1, 2010

Just A Rant On The New Home Kit

by Rachid

Above is a picture released yesterday of some of our players modeling our new kit. Looks as boring as I expected it to, to be honest. It looks like a training kit at best. Why the socks have no design but the Nike Swish is beyond me and what's even more bizarre to me is the reaction from many regarding it as 'fantastic', 'marvelous' and 'a dream'. What I've noticed also is that the only people who seem to love this kit are the English fans but every international fan of the club that I've spoken to that's seen it has said it looks boring, bland and unfinished.

What's there to like about this kit? Yes we've gotten back the traditional white sleeves but the red trim on it leaves a whole lot to be desired. It looks so feminine and Tomas Rosicky, who already looks like a lesbian, will look even more girly now. I'm not pleased because minus the broken collar and the gold streaks down the sides, this kit is no different from our kit in our first season at The Emirates, as shown below:

Even this kit was better because the trim on it was nicer and of course the gold streaks added a nice touch. If they felt that this needed those features back then, why do they suddenly feel that it needs nothing at all added to it this season?

Many of those who like this kit like it for the reason that it's bringing us back to our roots. I can understand that but it annoys me that every season we unveil a new kit we claim to be commemorating something. My problem with this is that when you spend every season commemorating something, it takes away from the value of the tribute. It's kinda like when you see couples foolishly celebrating every month they've been together. What's the magic in it if it doesn't happen every once in a while?

Why do we always have to be commemorating? It seems like just an excuse when whomsoever's designing the kit can't come up with anything aesthetically pleasing. We keep releasing boring kits season after season now and how can you expect a kit that was worn way back in 1971 to look relevant in 2010? That's just totally fucking ridiculous! I don't see any reason why we couldn't have paid homage to the team of 1971 with a kit that looks like theirs but also has some more modern touches and designs on it.

I think it's rude of Arsenal FC to expect us to pay £40 for this very bland, boring and done design. What do you think? Let me know in the comments below. Cya next time, Gooners.


  1. nuh di same raas jersey dis from 07 nuttin nuh change is like nike run outta ideas, want a kit that will have ppl talkin like how they talk bout di jabulani, maybe a switch to adidas would be good

  2. I don't think we should blame Nike. They proved they can make good kits. The problem is that there's someone in the club directing Nike how to make this kit so as a result they have to keep coming back with these boring designs. If you look at Brazil and Australia's world cup kits you'll see how good they can make them. That's another thing. Why didn't we have a kit like Brazil's blue away kit. It could be red and white and have the same design as it does now but with little white dots ghosted into the torso section kinda like this:

    I wouldn't want Adidas because they have a way of giving all their teams the same templates for their kits and that's boring. Just look at Chelsea and Cesspool. Same rass design but just different colours.